Monday, February 20, 2012

Alone. . . AGAIN!

Good news: Adam is working for Werner trucking! He will be in the western region, so this means he will be home every few days minimum :)

Bad news: Training for the position requires hubby to be with a nasty, smelly, control freak "trainer" who refuses to take loads to Northern California, for a total of 275 hours, living in a semi-truck cab. :(

Since February 5th, I have seen Adam once for 5 consecutive hours. And that was about a week ago.

First week flew by. Work has been pure insanity lately due to being short staffed, so I've been working non-stop, loads of overtime, since he left.

Now it's really starting to royally suck. I feel like I'm right back in the deployment. . . of course there's a few things that are a little nicer- Adam has a cell phone (yay!) and he's in the same time zone- mostly- as me (yay!).

Other than that, it's exactly like the deployment. . . and I HATE it! Right now it looks like I won't be seeing my love until MARCH 10th! when his trainer goes on vacation.

I've been telling myself how wonderful it is that he has a job- ANY paycheck is a great thing right now especially as all other job leads of his are at a complete standstill right now. I keep telling myself how wonderful it is that once we get through THIS part he will be home so much more often- but it really just sucks, sucks, sucks. :(

I'm trying so hard to be positive- thinking about how lucky I am to be living this wonderful life of luxury in America (in California even!) that we both have jobs and can pay the bills, and that I really have NOTHING to complain about. . .

But this is just horrible and I'm sick and tired of having to live without Adam for such long periods of time. I know I spent a year alone and that this should be CAKE- but it's not. It's horrendous and I can't wait for it to be over!


Friday, February 10, 2012

Thank me?

I got a letter from the "United States of America" the other day.

Of course I began to panic, was this some sort of notification of money I owed in taxes? Was it some sort of fine? What could the "United States of America" possibly want with ME?!!!!

Inside was a thank you card, thanking me for being the supportive spouse of a deployed soldier. . . and a $5 gift card to starbucks (thanks starbucks!)

I was also invited to take a survey (of course) about my experience. Cool?

It was signed, "Thank you for your time and sacrifices for our county."

Needless to say I got pretty emotional, I mean, I know it's just a canned card that's printed and sent to everyone, but it was still pretty neat (and relieving that I didn't owe any money!)

I never really felt like I deserved thanks for anything, I mean, I didn't do much except watch a lot of TV shows by myself and spent a lot of time online. . . that's not especially amazing or heroic. It's definitely not easy living away from your spouse under such conditions for an entire year, but getting a "thank you" from the USA? I hardly know what to say.

Hopefully they find my feedback in the survey useful. I will most certainly enjoy the starbucks gift card!